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Join hundreds of other successful businesses in the area's #1 choice for direct mail advertising.

Three Fistfull of Dollars magazines

Cost effective distribution.

Every household in your target market is reached for as little as 1.3 cents per delivery. This includes ad development, production, proof, printing and mailing. Compare that with first class mail (44 cents) and a bulk mail rate of 15 cents per piece.

Fistful of Dollars advertisers are appreciated

When you advertise in Fistful of Dollars you establish your business as one that wants to serve and satisfy customers. Consumers appreciate businesses that provide incentives and reasons to try their product and services.

Consumers want to read your ad.

Since 1986, Fistful of Dollars has consistently delivered great offers to consumers, bringing buyers and sellers together. When your ad is in Fistful of dollars, consumers know your company wants their business.

Reach over 450,000 potential customers.

Fistful of Dollars has inherent value to consumers. It delivers savings and an excitement about “who is in this issue” and “what are they offering?” Our surveys show 91.3% of all consumers that receive Fistful of Dollars keep the magazine an average of 8-9 weeks and 85.7% of consumers respond to one or more offers.

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